Night scene with the big light in the sky.


Day 101 from Craig Wrobleski

Looks like what could be Ty’s Truck —- parked at what looks like could be a hotel.. 

#whyiloveheartland contest



So apparently it was Graham’s idea to have Amber and him be filmed while they watched the fan videos. This just adds to his resume of awesomeness. 

Graham Wardle selected Samia (http://golllly18.tumblr.com/) as winner.

Samia  received the above news from Scott Lepp -Interactive Producer and content creator for Heartland, Season 8.

Scott also let Samia know her prize is on it’s way. Looking forward to seeing it.

Congratulations again to Samia ( aka  Heartland:Hope )  


Heartland 805 Endings and Beginnings

UPtv News:


Quotes  :

 ”will be in Season 8 when CBC is still in Season 8 

THE most popular show on our network

Heartland on UP isn’t going away

 “midseason finale” is 10/22 at 9 PM ET.  Then on hiatus with “new (season 7)” episodes until after Christmas. Still will have previous seasons airing during the day on weekdays.”

Quotes/ Source Digital Channel Manager at UPtv 

You can see that UPtv is very committed to Heartland. We want them succeed so that they help us get more Heartland. So spread the word to your friends that they should look at UPtv. The US has a large TV audience, why not get more fans to enjoy HEARTLAND.

UPtv is an easy way to introduce Heartland to new fans.  

Link to UPtv Schedule

Anonymous asked:
I just started season 7 of heartland, and I follow heartland fan pages on instagram and they comment on the pic of Ahmed and Amy and say in amy amd Ty over? I have to know what's going on but I don't have the season yet. Any thoughts? They said he comes back have you seen it yet?

The writers have said that Ty and Amy will be a “couple”.

(They might have  a few emotional bumps along the way.)



Heartland 804


Heartland - Amber Marshall on Fan Feedback


From Jeff Newton :

@alijnewton on Merlin #horseystuff


Endings and Beginnings

Amy struggles to turn a pair of horses into a team, and is forced to go head-to-head with a rival trainer. Meanwhile, Ty discovers a dead bear on the Reserve with its gallbladder missing but when he begins asking too many questions, poachers threaten his life. When Ty asks Georgie to care for an orphan wolf pup, she sees it as an opportunity to reunite Amy and Ty. And Lou hires Jade to work at the Dude Ranch but quickly regrets her decision when the unpredictable teen proves to be a problem employee who takes advantage of the situation.

Click HERE to see preview

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