SO HAPPY TO BE BACK AT HEARTLAND! We don’t start filming until May 12th, but Director Stefan Scaini (pictured here) is letting me follow him around for the next few weeks while he plans out how the first two season 8 episodes will be shot. I’m afraid that means I’m back at it full swing and will not be able to devote as much time to answering your questions and comments. Luckily there are many awesome people who can fill in the blanks to most FAQs. Amber’s Instagram

I saw one of our followers commented that 8x01’s title is the same as a season 3 episode (in this case 3x06) and it looks like other Heartlanders have noticed as well! - L

Episode 8x02’s title was revealed yesterday on Twitter!

Here you go: "The Big Red Wall"

sounds ominous! - L


This year, Cruise with a Cause’s charity of choice is Sophie’s Place, a child advocacy centre that provides specialized services to physically, mentally and sexually abused children up to age 18. A most worthy cause for our 2014 fundraising cruise. We’ll tell you more about Sophie’s Place in future posts.#coolcruisewithacause — with Graham Wardle and Don McLeod.

CWAC Facebook is  SOURCE

Sophie’s Place web site

Requested: Tamy Section from the Preview




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( I really like what Soile has said about Tamy for 718. If you have not read it, you should. I asked her to separate this section so we could reference it quickly). Thank you Soile  

Get’m Before They’re Gone!


FROM JC: There’s a limited number of Amber Marshall Apparel items in stock for sale that won’t be available after they’re gone. So if you want an #AmberMarshallCollectible, order yours now! I’ll post the quantity, size and items remaining until they are all gone. There are 5 BLACK & TURQUOISE bandanas for purchase. Click for store.


Heartland 708 Hotshot

Amy is watching Katie while Lou and Peter travel.

But whose turn is it to check on Katie?


Graham Wardle being Graham.

Photo from Chelsey Reist On Instagram

For those who might not know Chelsey, she is an actor and was in Mon Ami with Graham. Click HERE to see Graham in first minute of Mon Ami.

Really cute scene. 


Click HERE, Graham is right, very calming. We probably needed this after 718, better keep it handy to keep calm waiting for 801.

I have it running now on another screen while I work.  Try it.


Heartland 703  Wrecking Ball

Amy has Ty propose again


Graham Wardle & Cindy Busby  

Photo Credit Andy Bhatti


Graham tweet

It’s great when Graham is active. Trying this one. 

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