Welcome back, Miracle Girl! I love these two so much! :)

Love it.

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Graham Wardle’s Cruise With A Cause Documentary 

From  Marcus Rideout

"A shot from the ride today. #documentary #gopro #motorcycle #bc #Canada"  


Expect documentary to be made available ONLINE.Watch for more details. Great idea. 

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Cruise With A Cause Fan Photos from  Jennifer Gilbert and Lucy Shawna.


From Graham. His first stop on CwaC 2014 :

Alisha, Shaun and myself will be bouncing here in whistler at 2:45 and then doing an autograph signing at 4pm! Come say hello!                              Whister Bounce 100-1055 Millar Creek Road in Function Junction Whistler, BC 604-938-4567

Blog Whisperer’s poem for the Season 8 premiere reveal!

The Wait for Eight now has a date.
This is so great! Go tell your mate!
Yes it was late but I can state
That on September 28

On CBC from coast to coast
The series we do love the most
will air episode 801.
Lots of drama; fabulous fun!

Amy and Ty and Tim are back
And so’s the guy we know as Jack.
Peter and Lou, Georgie and Scott
Will give to you the best they’ve got.

The Heartland season broadcast date
Is yes - September 28,
When you and all your family
Can watch the series on TV.

Today the number’s 34,
It represents the days before
The premiere airs on CBC.
(Go check the calendar and see!)

I end this little bit of rhyme
By telling you that now it’s time
To launch our countdown (It’s so slick!)
And so we start the tick… tick… tick…


Look at the girls of heartland for season 8


First look at new Katie from CBC on YT


The stars of Heartland dish on Season 8

Woohoo! Official announcement!! Get happy Heartlanders!


Here it comes!!!!


CwaC Schedule  and Route. from 

( requested - printed out ) 

There is a correction not yet on web site. Mega Meet and Greet is now 9 Heartland stars.


From Amber :

Look who is getting the hang of swimming now!!! My horse Cash and I love cooling off in the lake, and “Mr Submarine” has finally learned to keep his nose above the water. 😋 #ambershorsecash #ambershorses #summerswellspent

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