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 Airs Wednesday nights at 9 PM ET

Repeat 703 at 10 PM ET ( in case you missed it. 


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Autographs include Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle, Shaun Johnston, Alisha Newton and Chris Potter.  

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Click photo to head the official blog for 7x03’s - Wrecking Ball - GIF.

For some reason they won’t work on Tumblr, so just view it on the blog :)

Fittingly enough, this episode is airing in the US tonight @ 9, so if you don’t want any spoilers, we’d suggest not heading to the blog!

letmetellyouallmysecrets asked:
I can't believe I finally found a heartland tumblr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really made my day!!! Sorry I'm far way too excited. My main blog is not about horses stuff but if you check it on my links you'll find my second blog which is 100% horse! I would really appreciate it if you followed it back!! Thanks again for this amazing blog! so much love! :D x

hey there! welcome to our blog! i’m glad you finally found us! This is a secondary fan-run blog, so we won’t be able to follow you under the “weloveheartland” username but the admins can follow under their personal blogs :)

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Heartland Season 7 DVD releases October 7, 2014. Pre-order your copy.

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Heartland - 3x10 - Eye of the Wolf

Episode 7x03 - Wrecking Ball is on UPtv tonight at 9pm EST!

Season 8 character profile photos


UPtv preview heartland Wreaking ball airs 9-10 at 9 PM ET.


Happy Birthday Shaun 

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