UPTV has changed its episode numbers to match CBC.

Click HERE to look at UPtv Heartland episodes

Expect new Season episode to begin June although current SCHEDULE does not go into June yet.

Hey y’all!!

Since it’s a new season, with lots of new followers (WELCOME), I thought i would make a post outlining where you can find episodes online :) 

This website has always been reliable for me. You can also check the websites in the tagged/episode if Project Free TV doesn’t work. 

Happy Heartland’ing :) 

heartlandlover4ever23 asked:
Is one of you heartland bloggers going to post Season 6 episode 12 Playing with fire tonight?? Just wanted to know please let me know if u do(:

Hi there :) .

I’m going to address this question generally, so don’t take this personally at all.

We get lots of questions every day asking us to post episodes. For future reference for everyone, none of us post episodes anywhere anymore. We find the episodes online. So if you’re looking for an episode, especially if it just played yesterday, wait til the next day and then check the episode tag. I’ve posted the website i use in there probably 50 times, and you’ll be able to find the episode you’re looking for.

But for you, heartlandlover, here you go

Anonymous asked:
where can i watch season 4 and 5 in english

Check the faq or episode page next time please.  Also, please don’t send multiple asks, we’ll get to your question as soon as possible

Anonymous asked:
Is there another link to the latest video? I can't get the last link to work :\
Anonymous asked:
do you think you could upload episode 4 of season 6 please? I cant find it anywhere (:
heels-down-eyes-up-release-deac asked:
I looked through your "watch heartland" tab, but I couldnt see anything about season 6, episode 3. I was wondering if you know of where I could find it. The cbc website doesnt work for me either. Thanks!


happy watching

journal-your-life asked:
Hey! I've been so exited to see Heartland season 6 episode 10. Is it even out on Youtube yet? I cant find it anywhere! I really want to see it, so do you think you could upload one? Thanks

It’s here  and I watched it here just yesterday, and i know that one is good quality. 

Hey Guys.

We get a lot of asks every day asking where you can find x episode from x seasons and so on. We created a tag (a long time ago) that has previous asks asking for the same thing. This isn’t a snippy message, but please check those websites first, and then if you are still having problems i would be more than HAPPY to help you. 

So for the last time, you can find websites in these asks where you can watch heartland. http://weloveheartland.tumblr.com/tagged/episode

and even more so, here is the website I use for all my internet show watching. http://www.tv-links.eu/tv-shows/Heartland_8848/

if you’re canadian, you can go straight on to the CBC website.

Again, not trying to be snippy, but this helps everyone in the long run. 


- meg


No new episodes are airing until the 28th! 

so tune into CBC for the next 2 weeks on Sunday @ 7pm (7:30 NT) to re-watch Eps 6x01 - Running Against the Wind - and 6x02 - Crossed Signals.

livebetter-smilebrighter asked:
i missed Sundays episode of Heartland and i was wondering if u knew somewhere where i could watch it?

well your blog says you’re canadian, so right on the CBC website

Anonymous asked:
what time does the show come on?

7pm eastern, 8pm atlantic, and for the rest, im not sure.

Anonymous asked:
Do you know what channel it comes on for california ?

Sorry i have no sweet clue

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